• Canoe, Kayak & Tubing Trip Information

Trip Information

River Information


Pick Up Location Take Out Location Estimated Time**
Bridge 4 Left side before bridge 1.5 - 2 hours
State Park Left side with the blacktop landing 3 hours

Bridge 5 Left side before bridge 3.25 hours
Bridge 7 Right side after bridge 4 hours
Bridge 10 Left side after bridge 5 hours
Landing 12 Right side, 15 minutes after bridge 11 6 hours

**Times are listed for Canoe/Kayak - Double times for Tubing


Other information

  • No glass is permitted on the river
  • We discourage you from bringing any valuables on the river
  • We have changing rooms on-site for our Titanic guests
  • Portable toilets are on-site
  • We accept Cash and Visa/MC and AMEX
  • We have limited camping on-site, please call for more information 608-337-4551
  • Titanic grounds are well-maintained, and picnic tables are available for your use
Kickapoo River Map for Canoe, Kayak & Tube drop off and pick up