• Rental Rates for Canoeing, Kayaking, Tubing on the Kickapoo River, Ontario, WI


We provide a FREE shuttle service back to Titanic when you rent our equipment. All of our equipment, including life jackets, are cleaned after every use.

Titanic Canoe Rental features all Old Town brand canoes and kayaks. All of our canoes and kayaks have adjustable backrests. We have top-quality equipment and everything you need is included in our price.

Contact us about our Large Group rates and Active Military discounts.

For your convenience, we accept Cash or Visa/MC/Discover/AMEX/Apple Pay at the time you check-in at the blue and white shelter.

Canoe & Kayak on the Kickapoo River, Ontario, WI


Rental Equipment Rates

Below are the daily rates for each item.   The last pickup on the river is 5:45 pm

No hidden cost, a day of fun is all included in one price

  • Canoe
  • Kayak
    Single - $40
  • Tandem Kayak
  • Tube
    Regular - $25
    Cooler Tube - $25
  • GLIDE Paddle board


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Old Town Discovery Canoe Rentals

Old Town Discovery Canoes

All canoes have adjustable seatbacks
Max weight capacity: 1063 pounds
Length: 16 to 17 ft

Old Town Viper 10 Rentals

Old Town Viper 10

All Kayaks have adjustable comfort flex seats with a foot brace system
Max weight capacity: 276 pounds
Length: 10 ft

Old Town Twin Heron Tandom Kayak Rentals

Old Town Twin Heron (Tandem)

All kayaks have adjustable comfort flex seats with a foot brace system
Max weight capacity: 437 pounds
Length: 13ft 6 in

GLIDE Paddleboard rentals

GLIDE Paddleboard – New for 2024

Max weight capacity: 300 pounds
Length: 11ft


Canoeing & Kayaking on the Kickapoo River